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Excavator machine's operation knowledge for green hands

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Once bought an excavator machine, operators need to read the product specification carefully to know the components and performance of the excavator machine. What’s more, practice is more important. The following is some basic knowledge for green hands to know.

1 Excavator machine operation technique
First of all, operators should observe the surroundings before the operation. Especially when conducting the rotation operation, operators should know fairly well of the jobsite’s surrounding barrier and terrain. Make sure of the crawler’s front and back direction to avoid the excavator machine’s tip-over. In order to improve the excavator machine’s stability, operators should ensure the entire contact of the crawlers with the ground.

2 Effective digging force of the excavator machine
The resistance force is least when the bucket tooth and the ground remains 30°. When using the bucket rod, operators should make sure the angle of the bucket rod ranging from 45° from the front and 30° to the back. The digging efficiency will be increased by utilizing swing arm and bucket at the same time.

3 Excavator machine for digging rock                                                  

It will cause severe damage for the excavator machine if using the bucket to directly excavate the rock. In order to successfully dig the rock, the position of the excavator machine should be adjusted according to the crack direction of the rock.

4 Excavator machine for leveling the ground
When the excavator machine is used for leveling the ground, it should be positioned flatly on the ground and try to prevent the shake of the excavator machine. It is crucial important to control the coordination of the swing arm and bucket rod and control their speed.
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