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SWANHAO Excavator Machine Maintenance Guidelines

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Abrasion, corrosion and aging are three main factors that make the excavator machine parts invalid. Among the three, abrasion is the one that causes most damages to the machine parts. To minimize the machine abrasion, we can find solutions from the source, such as using the best material, choosing advanced manufacturing techniques and designing reasonable mechanical structure, what is more important is making good lubrication. It is reported that half of the construction machine malfunction is caused by poor lubrication. Based on the compactness and precision in the connection of all the parts, good lubrication can create a natural working gap and applicable temperature for the parts, thus minimizing the abrasion rate and reducing machine downtime. How to make good lubrication? The first step is to choose the right lubricant. Generally, the lubricant should be chosen according to the machine category, application structure and the working environment. The second step is to regularly check the quality and quantity of the lubricant to keep it in valid and efficient status.    

Impurities may be generated during the machine working process, which will cause great damage to the excavator machine parts. The impurities entering the machine will damage the lubricating oil film and increase abrasion to the parts. It is reported that when the impurities increase 0.15%, the abrasion rate will be 2.5 times the normal value. Therefore, it is very important to make good lubrication for the machine, especially when it is working in the complicated environment. Rain and air pollution can cause corrosion to the machine, which will also increase abrasion, so measures should be taken in advance to protect the machine from water or air pollution.

Each part of the machine has its own working temperature range. Such as, the coolant temperature should be 80-90℃ while the hydraulic oil temperature should be 30-60℃. The temperature that is lower or higher than the normal range will make the lubricating oil metamorphic and increase abrasion to the machine. What is more, the excavator machine should be set in idle running for several minutes with low speed before starting to work. Avoid operating the machine in too low or too high temperature with overload.

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