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Guidelines for WANHAO Digger Machine Working in Rainy Days

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Guidelines for WANHAO Digger Machine Working in Rainy Days

Spring is the rainy season, where the rain moistens crops and refreshes air but brings challenges for the excavator machine. The rainfall will produce puddles, bogs and even flood, which will make the machine's working environment rough and complicated. What is more, the rain will rust the parts and cause damage to the machine, increasing the maintenance cost. In order to protect the machine and make it create the maximum productivity in rainy days, the following maintenance guidelines should be learned and remembered.

1. Pay attentions to the road condition
The machine should be operated with low speed since the ground will be wet and slippery after rain. Avoid approaching the edge of trenches or cliffs, where the earth is soft and the machine may fall down or tip over. With the friction coefficient decreasing, the excavator machine should be kept stable by reducing the speed, which can minimize the damage caused by slip to the machine.

2. Install anti-skid chains
For the wheeled excavator, the anti-skid chains should be installed, which can greatly increase the grip of the machine. The size of the anti-skid chains should match with that of the tires. And the machine should travel with sufficient tire pressure in low speed to avoid causing damages to the anti-skid chains.     

3. Park the machine in dry place
In rainy days, the machine should be parked in clean and dry garage. All of the structural parts should be lubricated to avoid rust and the excavator machine should be started at least once per month if it is idle for long time.

4. Timely clean and overhaul
The machine should be cleaned in time after working in rainy days to remove the dirt and avoid rust. The lubricating oil and fuel oil should be protected well from being contaminated by rain. Check the filters to avoid rain entering and causing blocking. Replace the parts that are seriously damaged.

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