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Five Steps Make Your WANHAO Excavator Machine Shine

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Five Steps Make Your WANHAO Excavator Machine Shine

Just like that people needs regular body examination to keep healthy, the excavator machine also needs regular maintenance, which can help the machine improve working efficiency and extend service life. To put it simply, five steps can reduce your machine breakdown rate and increase its uptime.

1. Check Hydraulic Oil
Hydraulic oil is the machine’s blood, which can impact the whole hydraulic system. Unqualified hydraulic oil will reduce the equipment’s working efficiency and even cause damage to the machine. And the time and cost taken in solving the malfunction will be much more than that taken in maintenance. The hydraulic oil should be regularly replaced and filtered to remove the contaminant and reduce abrasion to the hydraulic parts, thus achieving the maximum efficiency.
2. Clean Filter and Radiator
The filters and radiator are very important parts to avoid system contamination and keep the machine from overheat. When dirty or completely clogged, the filter or radiator can directly impact performance and compromise sensitive components. Therefore, keeping the filters and radiator clean and complete can greatly reduce the excavator machine malfunction.

3. Check the Engine
Engine equals to the machine’s heart, which provides power to the machine. When checking, attentions should be paid to the engine outer structure, load bearing, emission standard and so on. Clean and qualified fuel oil is an essential condition for the engine smooth operation. Inferior fuel oil will make the engine abraded and sintered.

4. Check the overall Performance
The overall performance examination is to check and record the machine operating data, which can analyze and predict the potential malfunction. The overall performance data mainly includes the highest and lowest rotate rate, action speed, working pressure and so on.

5. Form Good Operating Habit
Good operating habit plays an important role in improving working efficiency and extending the machine service life. Many malfunctions and accidents are caused by improper operation and neglect of safety. Therefore, the operator should form good operating habit and operate the excavator machine as specified in the manufacturer manual.

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