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Excavator machine's operating knowledge you should know

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The excavator machine is designed for the following operations: excavating, leveling, digging, loading and demolishing, etc. In order to fully utilize the excavator machine to generate the maximum benefits, there is some operating knowledge you should know to keep your excavator machine in good operation condition.

Operators should be careful when you use a new excavator machine. Wrongful operation of the excavator machine can adversely affect the performance of the machine or shorten the machine life. During the break-in period, let the excavator machine preheat prior to any operation; avoid operating with severe loads or at high speeds; avoid sudden starts, fast movements or stops; always let the system cool down at the end of the working day. To protect you and others around you, your excavator machine may be equipped with the following safety equipment, such as falling object protective structures, front guard, lamps, safety signs, horn, travel alarm, mirrors, fire extinguisher, first aid kit and windshield wipers. Before you rise from the operator seat, lower the work equipment to the ground, move the hydraulic lockout control lever from F (free) to L (locked) position, and then stop the engine. If the hydraulic control is not locked, accidental touching of the control levers can cause sudden machine movement and serious injury or machine damage.

There is also much operating knowledge during you using the excavator machine. Consult your after sales engineers carefully so as to protect you and your excavator machine.
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