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Excavator Guidelines for Construction Equipment Storage

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Excavator Construction equipment storage is an important task for heavy equipment maintenance.The construction equipment may be on a vacation after a period of heavy work, but don’t forget to take care of it during that idle time since it is the best chance for rust to invade your machine. For long-term storage, attentions should be paid to make your machine keep a good condition all the time.

1.The construction equipment should be parked in the dry room. Choose plain ground and cover with shield when parking in the outdoor.

2.Construction equipment maintenance is necessary before the long-term storage, repair the damaged parts and make a complete cleaning, keeping the whole machine in a good condition. 

3.Pay attention to the arrangement of the parked machines, leaving enough space between the machines and avoiding collision.

4.Put the throttle lever and other joysticks in the idle position.

5.Run the water off from the engine. Change engine oil since new oil will not erode the metal parts. Add diesel into the fuel tank to avoid rust, preservative is also needed if the conditions permit.During the storage period, start the engine once per month, make the machine move for a short distance to form new oil film in the lubrication position.

6.Take the battery down and put it in the dry place. Forbid putting conductive objects on the battery. The lead-acid battery should be charged once per month.

7.Paint lubricating oil on the exposed metal parts of the construction equipment to avoid rust.

Construction machinery storage is an important task for the maintenance of heavy equipment. Don't forget to maintain and clean the construction equipment after the heavy duty, since it is the best chance for rust to invade your machine.
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