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How to maintain excavators in summer

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The climbing temperature of hot summer is a challenge for excavators and operators. Mechanical excavators should take a series of maintenance to ensure their mechanical performance and construction efficiency in high temperature working environment. Here below are seven ways to maintain excavators in summer.

Add and replace antifreeze in time
Antifreeze can be used not only in winter but also in summer. Its characteristic of high boiling point allows it to prevent cooling water from boiling when the excavator is operated in hot summer. You should choose designated professional antifreeze and do not mix different brands of antifreeze together because it will corrode or block the entire engine’s cooling system.

Check the brake, beware of blowout
To wheeled excavators, their tires are easy to blowout in outdoor work in hot summer because of the high temperature. Frequently checking the braking efficiency of the machine can reduce accident risks, but never use cold water to wash the tires and brakes to cool them down since it will cause unpredictable damage to the mechanical excavator.

Use high quality fuel
The excavator should use high quality fuel but the fuel should not be added too much, or it will speed up the wear of parts such as cylinders. Fuel transported by tanker truck should stand for more than 2 hours before it is used.

Blocked water tank, hydraulic oil radiator and air conditioner condenser should be unblocked frequently
After long period of operation, excavator’s water tank, hydraulic oil radiator and air conditioner condenser will be blocked, which will affect equipment cooling and cause problems. To periodically check and unblock these devices can let excavator avoid overheating and keep in good work condition.

Choose the right grease
Quality grease is important to the excavator’s performance. Summer temperature is high, so does the excavator’s operating temperature. The grease will soften as the temperature getting high; the adhesion of the grease will be reduced and the lubrication performance of the devices will be decreased accordingly. Grease with good heat resistance can maintain its adhesion at higher temperature, and its deterioration process is also slow.

Be careful of wading operation
Summer has many rains. Excavators should be more careful when they are operated in rainy days. 
 It should replace the grease inside the ring gear if water over the rotary gear. If silt mixes with grease will increase machine wear and reduce service life. When excavator is used in water, do not tilt the excavator by more than 15 degrees to prevent the upper part from being immersed in the water and damage the radiator fan.

Keep the operating environment clean
A clean and comfortable operating environment is important to the operator’s health and working efficiency. When the excavator is used in summer, the cab’s air conditioning system should be checked, including air conditioner filter, filter screen and radiator. To periodically clean these devices to make sure air conditioner’s cooling effect.

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